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Having 5 Years of Experience in all types of Counselling in India, also Certified for Counsel India, Mastering in counselling MasterCard Certification in India Level. Which covered Anger Counselling, Parenting Counselling, Family Counselling, Fear Counselling, Relationship Counselling, Life Rebuilding Counselling, Addiction Counselling, Stress Counselling, Depression Counselling, Behavioural Counselling, Guild Counselling, Focus Counselling.

Counselling focuses on, seeking healthy life stages, transitions and productive lives. Counselling has emphasis as well as remediation over the course of life span in various areas of life, childhood adolescence, adulthood and older adulthood. Counsellors specialise in helping individuals, couples, groups, families and social systems that are developing for short or long-term problems.
Many of us need someone in our life by whom we need guidance and suggestions in career, work, lifestyle, business and personal problems etc.But everyone has the fear with whom they should discuss. As our problems are personal, at this time some of us find the support of friends, relatives or family members but, you do not get correct guidance from these people because suggestions that come from them might be emotional, which may not work in sorting out our problems. So at this time, you need to choose the correct person who can guide you and help you to track out a way from your problems and that person is a CERTIFIED COUNSELLOR.
There have always been certified counsellors who listen to others and help them to resolve the issues. Many times the word COUNSELLOR has been always misunderstood by some people thinking that going to a counsellor means being psychotic or having a mental illness which is totally wrong, for example, if you are having a physical problem, you visit a physician who is holding a medical certificate and who can evaluate you physically and prescribe you medicine. In the same manner, if you are seeking emotional or mental help, it is very necessary for you to visit a certified counsellor who can give you the right way for your problem. WIN YOUR MIND does the same, if you are seeking help for any of your professional, personal or emotional problem, you will get the best guidance here. Your things are kept Confidential and are ensure with us. Our values are core beliefs that influences on how we act in both in our personal and professional lives. Personal value influences how we view counselling or the manner in which we interact with our client including the way we conduct client assessments, our views of the goals of counselling, the interventions we choose, the topics we discuss in a counselling session, hoe we evaluate progress and how we interpret the clients life situations. Although total objectivity cannot be achieved, we can strive to avoid being encapsulated by our own worldview. Clients should examine their thoughts, feelings and actions to empower them and arrive at their own solutions and the problems they face. The task 'Counselling' is to assist individuals in finding answers that are most congruent with their own values.



Having the best counsellors in Pune and in the whole of India, the Center for Mental Health team provides clinical excellence and support to individuals who require interventions for a wide spectrum of psychological conditions that affect their personal, social and occupational well-being. We, the therapists in India identify the mental health issues which the client experience as debilitating and partner with them to discover their abilities and strengths and focus on their positive growth. Being the best therapists in India, we currently provide support online to empower the clients, teaching them appropriate coping skills and helping them to deal with a variety of issues ranging from depression, anxiety, work stress, marital conflicts, relationship issues, addiction, behavioral problems and much more.

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Through practicing mindfulness the counsellors in India help the clients to be in the present and accept the situations as they are, without being distressed and judgemental about them. The counsellors in India, aim at helping the clients achieve a state of well-being, which would help the clients discover their inner potentials to maintain a balanced state, facilitating personal and social well being.

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